Mountain Biking

Surprisingly enough, the NYC metropolitan area is blessed with fine mountain biking venues, both public trails and designated mountain biking parks.

Did you know that New York City is the closest large city to the Appalachian Trail? Well you do now. Not that it is acceptable to ride on the AT on designated hiking sections, but the AT follows some roads, the shoulders of which are the trail, so we do unknowingly ride on the AT at times.

January 2016 President's Message

A friend got hurt in a bicycle crash a while back; broke her right wrist and left collar bone.  Can you imagine?  The lady was totally incapacitated – couldn’t do anything; lift, write, work, ride, nothing – not a single thing.  I felt so badly for her.  I went over her place to visit.  I was hoping to cheer her up a bit; tell a stupid joke or two, lie about how fast I am on a bike, wink, anything to get a smile.  While there, I noticed on the refrigerator door a list of names.